Program of events

Within the framework of Russia's participation in EXPO-2017 an international business program is organized, dedicated to the most important matters on the global energy agenda. It comprises specialized forums headlined by CEO's of global and Russian companies, heads of government authorities and prominent scientists of our time. The agenda looks at the challenges of the global community in the area of efficient utilization of energy resources and the search for balance of energy sources.

June 10
June 10
Exhibition and business program opening
June 12 - June 18
ENERGY FOR MANKIND: inspiring international cooperation and technologic progress
June 12-14
Eighth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development
June 16
International conference on New Energy: Investments and Partnerships
June 19-20
World Congress of Engineers and Scientists WSEC-2017 “Energy of the future: innovative scenarios and methods for their implementation”
July 03 - July 09
NATURAL GAS: sustainable consumption
Natural gas: sustainable consumption
June 29-30
Conference "Energy Revolution"
July 10
Kazakhstan Capital Day Celebration
July 10-11
Conference "Low Carbon Technologies and Renewable Technology Solutions"
July 12-13
International Scientific and University Conference
July 17 - July 23
NUCLEAR POWER: basic technology for future green economy
July 18
Panel discussion “Non-carbon energy is the energy of the future”
July 18
Roundtable discussion «The Role of Human Capital in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals»
July 19
Seminar Non-nuclear Products of Rosatom: High Technologies for Sustainable Development
July 19
Documentary film “Pandora’s promise”
July 19
Lecture by Tim Blees President of the Science Council For Global Initiatives
July 20-21
Conference "Socioeconomics of a New Energy Model"
July 24 - July 30
ENERGY ACCESS: infrastructure innovations
Bilateral meetings and B2B sessions of Chelyabinsk region and city of Astana: education, public health, small-scale generation
July 24-25
Conference "General Access to Sustainable Energy"
July 26
Round table "Industrial internet systems and technologies on the service of the energy complex"
July 27
Round table discussion "Nuclear medicine as energy for health"
July 27
Round table discussion "Current problems of surgery and diagnostics in oncology"
July 31 - August 01
Conference "Energy Efficiency in the City"
August 01
Business-mission and B2B event of Novosibirsk region companies
August 1
Business-mission and B2B event of Novosibirsk region companies
August 07 - August 13
POWER ENGINEERING: cutting-edge technologies
August 08-09
Conference "Energy For All"
August 9
Roundtable discussion “Energy of events. Touristic potential of events: best practices”
August 9
Roundtable discussion “Energy of innovations: industrial and innovation potential of Saint-Petersburg and Kazakhstan. Cooperation prospects”
August 10-11
Conference "Progress in Reduction of СО₂ Еmissions and Achieving the Energy Efficient Lifestyle"
August 14-15
Conference "Renewable Energy and Quality of Life"
August 21 - August 27
August 21-22
Conference "Energy Solutions for the Climate Change Problem"
August 22
Conference “EnergyMatrix: energy efficiency
August 22
Russia-Kazakstan business forum and industrial B2B matchmaking
August 22
Matchmaking B2B event: companies of Sverdlovsk region
August 23
Presentation session and dialogue “EXPO: from Astana-2017 to Yekaterinburg-2025”
August 24-26
International forum Eurasian week
August 25
Presentation “Russian fairs for future energy”
August 23 - August 27
Days of Moscow in Astana
August 24
Conference «Modern technologies for smart cities»
August 25
Business-session of Russian export center
August 25
Business-session of Russian export center
August 28 - September 03
August 28-29
Conference "International Economy and Policy in Environmental Protection"
August 29
Electricity sector of the future: Drivers. Effects. Cooperation
September 04 - September 10
OIL TRANSPORTATION: new technologies, international cooperation
Oil transportation: new technologies, international cooperation
September 04-05
Conference "Creating our Future"
September 06
06 September Meeting of the Board of International Association of Oil Transporters
September 08
September 08
Russia day at EXPO-2017
September 8
Visioners' discussion in the framework of IX Kazenergy Forum
September 10
September 10
Exhibition closing