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In 2017 for the fist time in the history of EXPO Russian Federation was granted the status of International program partner. Russia will co-organize more than 100 industry forums, popular scientific conferences with participation of key figures of the world's power industry.

Event program of EXPO-2017 is based on 12 tracks which are the key activities of the program.

Duration of 1 track is 1 week.

The track represents a set of events united by a common theme. Among the possible activities of each track:

  • Plenary sessions with the participation of business leaders , federal ministers, eminent scientists of our time
  • Meetings of expert groups
  • Industry sessions
  • Open discussions
  • Popular science workshops for the general public and other
10 June
12 June - 18 June
ENERGY OF MANKIND: inspiring international cooperation and technologic progress
19 June - 25 June
ENERGY of WATER: future of hydroenergetics
26 June - 02 July
SMART CITY and urban technologies
Exhibition and business program opening Panel Discussion on New Energy: Investments and Partnerships ENERGY of WATER: future of hydroenergetics Smart City and urban technologies
03 July - 09 July
NATURAL GAS: sustainable consumption
10 July - 16 July
17 July - 23 July
Nuclear power: basic technology for future green economy
24 July - 30 July
ENERGY ACCESS: infrastructure innovations
Kazakhstan Capital Day Celebration. Russia congratulates Astana CASPIAN ENERGY SPACE Panel discussion on the role of nuclear power for global low-carbon economy Energy access: infrastructure innovations
31 July - 06 August
ENERGY STORAGE: in search of perfect solution
07 August - 13 August
POWER ENGINEERING: cutting-edge technologies
14 August - 20 August
OIL TRANSPORTATION: new technologies, international cooperation
21 August - 27 August
ENERGY STORAGE: in search of perfect solution POWER ENGINEERING: cutting-edge technologies Oil transportation: new technologies, international cooperation Efficient generation
28 August - 03 September
04 September - 10 September 10 September
Plenary Session on Future Energy Systems Russia day at EXPO-2017 Exhibition closing

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