Program of events

During 3 months of EXPO Russia will co-organize more than 100 industry forums, popular scientific conferences with participation of key figures of the world's power industry.

Event program of EXPO-2017 is based on thematic tracks which are the key activities of the program.
Duration of 1 track is 1 week.
The track represents a set of events united by a common theme. Among activities of each track:

  • Plenary sessions with the participation of business leaders , federal ministers, eminent scientists of our time
  • Meetings of expert groups
  • Industry sessions
  • Open discussions
  • Popular science workshops for the general public and other
June 10
June 12 - June 18
ENERGY FOR MANKIND: inspiring international cooperation and technologic progress
July 03 - July 09
NATURAL GAS: sustainable consumption
June 10
Exhibition and business program opening
June 12-14
Eighth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development
Natural gas: sustainable consumption
June 16
International conference on New Energy: Investments and Partnerships
June 29-30
Conference "Energy Revolution"
June 19-20
World Congress of Engineers and Scientists WSEC-2017 “Energy of the future: innovative scenarios and methods for their implementation”
July 10
Kazakhstan Capital Day Celebration
July 10-11
Conference "Low Carbon Technologies and Renewable Technology Solutions"
July 12-13
International Scientific and University Conference
July 17 - July 23
NUCLEAR POWER: basic technology for future green economy
July 24 - July 30
ENERGY ACCESS: infrastructure innovations
August 07 - August 13
POWER ENGINEERING: cutting-edge technologies
July 18
Panel discussion on the role of nuclear power for global low-carbon economy
Fusion Energy: From Science Fiction to Science Fact POWER ENGINEERING: cutting-edge technologies
July 20-21
Conference "Socioeconomics of a New Energy Model"
Bilateral meetings and B2B sessions of Chelyabinsk region and city of Astana: education, public health, small-scale generation August 08-09
Conference "Energy For All"
July 24-25
Conference "General Access to Sustainable Energy"
August 10-11
Conference "Progress in Reduction of СО₂ Еmissions and Achieving the Energy Efficient Lifestyle"
July 31 - August 01
Conference "Energy Efficiency in the City"
August 14-15
Conference "Renewable Energy and Quality of Life"
August 21 - August 27
August 28 - September 03
September 04 - September 10
OIL TRANSPORTATION: new technologies, international cooperation
Russia-Kazakstan business forum August 28-29
Conference "International Economy and Policy in Environmental Protection"
Oil transportation: new technologies, international cooperation
August 21-22
Conference "Energy Solutions for the Climate Change Problem"
September 01
September 04-05
Conference "Creating our Future"
August 24-26
International forum Eurasian week
September 06
06 September Meeting of the Board of International Association of Oil Transporters
September 08
September 10
September 08
Russia day at EXPO-2017
September 10
Exhibition closing
September 08
Visioners' discussion in the framework of IX Kazenergy Forum



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