9 September 2017


On September 9, a ceremony of awarding the best pavilions of EXPO-2017 in several categories will be held in the Energy Hall at the EXPO-2017 exhibition centre. The ceremony will be a part of the Day of the International Exhibitions Bureau. 

Official pavilions of the countries participating in the exhibition, are divided into 4 categories:

• A – individual pavilions with the area of more than 700 sq.m.
• B – individual pavilions ranging from 300 up to 700 sq.m.
• C – individual pavilions with the area of less than 350 sq.m.
• D – joint pavilions.

At the award ceremony, sets of awards will be presented in each category for the development of the exhibition topic, which this year covered the latest academic achievements in the field of energy development, as well as alternative energy sources. 

The next category is related to the presentation of the exhibition and its design – the participants of  EXPO-2017, whose pavilions made the greatest impression on the jury, will receive gold, silver and bronze awards.

The jury consists of: Steen Christensen, President of the International exhibitions Bureau (BIE), Vicente Gonzalez Loscertales, Secretary General of the BIE, four members of the Commission designated by the organizers, and three BIE experts.

All official participants of the International Specialized Exhibition – 115 pavilions representing individual countries, as well as 22 pavilions of international organizations, which presented new technologies in the field of alternative energy sources to the visitors of EXPO-2017 – are applying for the awards.

Members of the jury of the International exhibitions Bureau headed by Steen Christensen, BIE President, toured all the national pavilions of the participating countries twice. After examining each of the expositions, and taking into account the results of the Pavilions' work since the opening of EXPO-2017, the jury will determine the winners and announce them during the event.