8 September 2017

“Ural Legends” greeted guests of the Russian Pavilion on the National Day of Russia in Astana

Astana, September 14, 2017. On September 8, Russia celebrated its National Day at EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition in Astana. Participation of “Russians in Fashion” project by a famous Ural designer Nina Ruchkina became one of the highlights of the celebrations.

During the day guests of the Russian Pavilion were greeted by girls in bright clothes whose bizarre motifs and colors characterized the heritage of the great multi-national country. Many visitors left with souvenirs – signature shawls called Gzhel, Dymka Toys, Malachite Casket, etc.

Treasures and secrets, historical relics and ancient patterns – all this was presented on the thin fabric in unique signature prints by Nina Ruchkina.
The main goal of Nina Ruchkina brand’s operations and the “Russians in Fashion” project is representing the Russian national idea and Ural historical heritage in an understandable contemporary language – through art and fashion.

The designer presented her “Magic of Ural Legends” collection at the reception on the occasion of the National Day of Russia within EXPO-2017.

The event was attended by Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Distinguished guests from 115 countries learnt about the luxury and richness of the Ural mythology.

According to Nina Ruchkina who was present at the event, “the outfits were so popular that the guests always wanted to have their photos taken with the girls. It only confirms how the powerful magnetism of the regal stone – malachite whose texture I used in prints for this collection, samples of Kasli cast-iron as well as unique décor and embroidery techniques – charm foreigners irresistibly and irreversibly, making them fall in love with the culture of our country.”

EXPO-2017 finished its operation on September 10. Russia won a golden award in Astana.

Photos with clothes are available by this link: