29 August 2016

Energy Best Practice Area Projects Competition

Providing the “EXPO-2017” preparation process Kazakh organizers in cooperation with International Qualification Team are to announce the opening of the competition for the best projects which reflect the main topic of the EXPO – “Future Energy”.

The winners will be represented in the Energy Best Practice Area (further – eBPa) – the symbolical center of the “EXPO-2017”, demonstrating the best technologies, proposals and strategies in different areas of sustainable energy: energy production, storage and use, combatting climate change, and providing access to energy in developing countries.

EBPa zone will reflect 5 subject lines:

  • Best experience in renewable and alternative energy
  • Best experience in energy efficiency and traditional energy
  • Best experience in energy storage
  • Best experience in energy distribution
  • Best experience in use of energy natural resources

International Qualification Team which will contain of Nobel Prize awardees, energy studies scientists and experts, specialized international organizations representatives, as well as governmental figures will fulfil the projects selection.
To get more information about the competition and to apply for you can on the official website of the competition –