24 February 2017

Georgy Kalamanov took part in the final meeting of international participants of EXPO-2017

The third meeting of international participants of EXPO-2017 was held in Astana city (the Republic of Kazakhstan). Delegates from more than 100 countries arrived to Kazakhstan’s capital.

Russian delegation was headed by Georgy Kalamanov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation, the Commissioner-General of Russian section.

Approximately 100 days are left until the beginning of the fair, and this meeting was the final one. The organizing committee of EXPO-2017 and delegates summed up the results of another stage of preparations for summer events. “National company “Astana-EXPO-2017”, the organizer of the fair, presented to participants an actual information concerning architecture and construction of EXPO-2017, operational services of the fair and EXPO-town, system of integral security, opportunities of market promotion at EXPO.

Responding to questions of mass-media representatives on the Russian exposition, Georgy Kalamanov emphasized that “Russia has all the variety of actual energy resources, and this is exactly what we will try to point it out within our exposition – from the wealth and greatness of Arctic and discoveries, which our country made in different periods of its history in the field of energy industry’s development, to an alternative energy and renewable energy resources, which are recently being actively developed in Russia”. 

It should be reminded that in December 2016 Georgy Kalamanov was the first one to examine Russian pavilion and to sign the act of acceptance of works. Russian exposition is expected to be one of the biggest at EXPO-2017. The main theme of business program will be “Global energy balance”. More than 100 business events will be organized within Russian section. The international agenda will include the discussion of the correct and effective use of energy resources, implementation of new technologies in the energetic field, search of the balance of energy sources and so on.

For reference
The international specialized fair EXPO-2017 will be held from June 10th until September 10th in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana. The organizer of the Russian section is the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. Formika Group is the operator of the Russian part.